The Scientific Debate About Pure Forskolin Supplementation

Also known as Coleonol, Forskolin is a chemical compound that occurs naturally and is extracted from the roots of an Indian Plant known as Coleus Forskohlii (or simply Coleus Plant). The plant is derived of the mint family and just as its name hints, the plant was first discovered in India and is mostly found in the Eastern hemisphere regions including Burma and Thailand.

All through the ancient history, this wonder herb has been used for medical purposes in treating many different health conditions such as heart and lung diseases, insomnia, intestinal spasms as well as convulsions.

How Is Forskolin Use Today?

Today, however, this powerful herbal extract is used in treatment of many other diseases. For instance, due to its ability to activate hormones that are responsible for burning of body fats, the extract been effectively used in aiding weight loss. Additionally, various studies that have been carried by scientists around the world have positively shown that Forskolin is present in nearly all fat burners and thermogenics. Nevertheless, when taken together with caffeine, the extract is known to enhance ones stamina, too.

forskolin thyroidHowever, the most remarkable thing about the natural forskolin science is its effectiveness in reduction of body fat. As opposed to various weight loss diets and exercises that would take months to show any remarkable change, Forskolin is known to offer quick results in a very short period of time. Basically, the extract works in two major ways.

To start with it, the herb works by activating Lipolysis (a process that involves breaking down the fat containing lipids). This process is fast in its action since once taken it stimulates production of Adenylate Cyclase (cAMP) in the body; an enzyme that is associated with wide spectra of biochemical and physiological processes.

In itself, this enzyme helps in control of blood sugar, glycogen and lipids. Scientific studies have indicated that most individuals with overweight and obesity issues have insufficient amount cAMP in their bodies. Therefore, such individuals stand to benefit a lot from this extract.

Does Forskolin Promotes The Production of Thyroid Hormones?

Medically, higher levels of production of the Thyroid hormone leads to enhanced metabolism which in turn ensures proper maintenance of body weight minimizing cases of heart related complications. The extract also has antidepressant properties.

Forskolin also promotes functionality of vital organs such as lungs and heart. In fact, in a study carried out by a group of scientists in 1974 clearly indicated that this substance was helpful in ensuring proper dilation of blood vessels of the heart. Dilation of blood vessels is not only vital in lowering high blood pressure, but also prevents accumulation of blood clots within the vessels promoting smooth flow of the blood and other body fluids.

The result is a healthy heart; minimizing cases of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and thrombosis to mention a few.

Additionally, this species is also used in treatment of asthma. Some research indicates that inhaling a single dose of Coleus may alleviate symptoms of asthma since it helps in relaxation of airways easing respiration process.

Today coleus forskohli extracts that contain high levels of forskolin are being produced and are very available in the market. However, it is recommendable to consult your healthcare provider prior to using the extracts.

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