Quality Tridion Implementations with Alvin Reyes

Alvin and I discuss the Tridion Community, what makes a quality Tridion implementation and using the Tridion Experience Manager (Site Edit).  Join us for the first podcast in 2013 and learn about how we can improve our Tridion implementations!  The podcast is 1 hour and maybe it is a new trend for 2013 – we’ll see!

Show notes:

Start – 18:30 – Community

18:30 – Quality Implementations,

31:15 – Experience Manager (aka SiteEdit)

48:00 – Image fields, refactoring

Top-Down Tridion Design, Bottom-Up Implementations, and some animated gifs:

Editing fields in other components:

Consider DGX to simplify accessing fields in other components, especially for SiteEdit and Experience Manager:

A few Experience Manager (XPM) posts from around Feb/Mar 2012




“Powertools Robot is not SiteEdit”

Block elements such as div don’t go in a span:

Latest “Community Overview” video:

Image Variants (courtesy of Mihai Cădariu)

yet another link (resizer variant):

image variants in DWT

Resize Images with Tridion and Web Controls (courtesy of Jordi Vanderpooten)

ECL Webinar by Bart Koopman


2 thoughts on “Quality Tridion Implementations with Alvin Reyes

  1. Great podcast. This is my first time listening.

    You raised some interesting points on community, with regard to sharing, it really is about getting it out there whether it’s perfect or not and not worry too much about your writing style etc. Otherwise things just sit in draft forever!

    I’ve not had to implement the Image Resizing TBB so far but have tended to use a HTTP Handler (e.g. ImageGen) and then have templates construct a URL to do it (“fried”) as that is how I would do it on non-Tridion projects. I am aware of the “baked” CM side approach with variants and the Image Resize TBB but have had the requirement to get it working so far. Thanks for all the links on this, I will have a read.


    • Thanks Rob. I hope this year we see some new bloggers in the community sharing about Tridion installs, Experience Manager, and a whole lot of topics we haven’t yet covered.

      Thanks for the feedback on image resizing. The HTTP Handler approach sounds nice and independent of Tridion templates and backend. Also, as you said, it works with standard .Net implementations, not only Tridion related.

      Big thanks to Alvin for the links – he remembered all these posts and it’s impressive his thorough knowledge of the community and happenings.


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