SDL Tridion in the Cloud with Julian Wraith

Robert and Julian talk about Tridion 2013 SP1 in the Cloud, the benefits to using a Cloud architecture and what SDL offers today, in 2014 / early 2015 with Tridion 2013 SP1.

Read about using the SDL BeGlobal SaaS for free automated machine translations (there is a daily limit count) in Tridion using the Tridion Translation Manager (included in SDL Tridion 2013 SP1)

SmartTarget Implementations Explained with Jan Horsman

Jan Horsman shares the secrets of implementing SmartTarget with Robert on this last podcast in the SmartTarget series. We also discuss different examples of how we can apply SmartTarget to achieve personalized websites using Tridion and FredHopper. Special thanks to Jan for helping edit this podcast and improve the audio quality.

SmartTarget Architecture with Gertjan Assies

Gertjan Assies, Technical Product Owner of SmartTarget at SDL, shares with us how SmartTarget works in the technical side, including some information about what goodies the next version of SmartTarget will contain.  Hope you enjoy this information dense podcast and learn what are cartridges, claims, and where it’s going in the future.

What is Tridion Smart Target?

Learn about SmartTarget and listen as Robert discusses with Davina Erasmus, Product Manager at SDL, what SmartTarget is and how it can help us create dynamic and personalized websites powered by Tridion and FredHopper.

DD4T and the 6 Extension Points with Bart Koopman

Robert chats with Bart about DD4T and the big 6 extension points in the API.  Join us to find out how uses DD4T on their website and why there’s not a 7th extension point.

Download or listen from phone

DD4T, Start – 13 mins

6 Extension points 13 – 33 mins

How to tackle integrations:  6 extension points


Quality Tridion Implementations with Alvin Reyes

Alvin and I discuss the Tridion Community, what makes a quality Tridion implementation and using the Tridion Experience Manager (Site Edit).  Join us for the first podcast in 2013 and learn about how we can improve our Tridion implementations!  The podcast is 1 hour and maybe it is a new trend for 2013 – we’ll see!

Show notes:

Start – 18:30 – Community

18:30 – Quality Implementations,

31:15 – Experience Manager (aka SiteEdit)

48:00 – Image fields, refactoring

Top-Down Tridion Design, Bottom-Up Implementations, and some animated gifs:

Editing fields in other components:

Consider DGX to simplify accessing fields in other components, especially for SiteEdit and Experience Manager:

A few Experience Manager (XPM) posts from around Feb/Mar 2012

“Powertools Robot is not SiteEdit”

Block elements such as div don’t go in a span:

Latest “Community Overview” video:

Image Variants (courtesy of Mihai Cădariu)

yet another link (resizer variant):

image variants in DWT

Resize Images with Tridion and Web Controls (courtesy of Jordi Vanderpooten)

ECL Webinar by Bart Koopman


Core Service and APIs with Frank van Puffelen

Robert sits down with Frank van Puffelen to discuss the Tridion Core Service, GUI Extensions, and overcoming the 5 stages of Grief while learning new Tridion technologies.  Tune in to find out more in this 40 minute chat.


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Tridion 2013 and the MVP Summit with Nuno Linhares

Robert talks with Nuno Linhares about what is in the upcoming Tridion 2013 release (R7) and finds out what happened at the recent Tridion MVP summit, including the workflow notification framework, gamification (reporting framework) and if musical skills are required to become an MVP.  Enjoy!


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DD4T with Quirijn Slings

Robert sits down to talk with Quirijn Slings, Solution Architect at Trivident, about Dynamic Delivery for Tridion (DD4T). Learn more about this Open Source Tridion Framework and why Quirijn chose it for the recent development of the new website.


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